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The website content for your company is important for reasons besides the fact that it literally communicates your company’s brand position and promise.


There are other very important elements that are considered when a website content writer creates the content and the designer creates the complementary visual environment for the content.


Making the message in the web content short and to the point, yet warm and welcoming (depending on the industry) helps the reader to remember the message easier.


Also, when there is too much text on a page, the page becomes visually cluttered making it more difficult for a reader to physically read the page, let alone remain interested in reading the page.


By streamlining the content, the designer is then able to insert the text into their design, which typically includes plenty of negative space. This empty space lets the reader’s eyes rest so they do not tire of reading.


An effective B2B website design can directly communicate a company’s core competencies and services and still be engaging, useful and even entertaining.


We always say that FutureRanking is a marketing agency that does web design (there’s not a lot of web designers trying to do marketing.) A new website design is first and foremost, a branding platform–with the copy being just as important as the design in differentiating your company.


With almost all B2B content marketing tactics, the underlying foundation is compelling web design content writing. The copywriting helps set the tone for infographic design, white paper creation, blogging, email newsletters and social media marketing.


Your firm can be pushing out content consistently, but if the copywriting does not use accurate industry terms or is grammatically incorrect, your content marketing efforts are in vain.

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